Your online home deserves to be freshened up.

Just like your house, yard and car need a good sprucing up once winter heads out of town, so does your website. Think of this as spring cleaning for your brand (no bleach or rake necessary for this one)!

Most of the time you’re too close to your business and you miss a gap (or two). Our signature service adds life to your brand. We use several techniques to pinpoint the leaks where your money is being squeezed out. We’ll uncover the juicy details missing from your messaging, website and brand, infusing your business with a fresh twist.


Lemony Fresh Aid

What’s included:

1. Two sets of eyes look at your existing website. We go over each page and make suggestions for edits and improved usability. (Includes 5 pages.)

2. Upon completion, we’ll send suggested edits or updates.

3. Final deliverable will include a screencast detailing the suggested edits, along with a form explaining suggested layouts and text placement. (You may send these deliverables to your web developer if applicable.)

BONUS: We’ll freshen up your tagline or give you a new one!

This squeeze is $500 and has a seven-day turnaround, so you can get back to running your business.

Fresh Me

The Big Squeeze & Graphic Design coming soon!